Monday, 3 November 2014

Away at the Ruby Hilton

The boys headed to the Ruby Hilton yesterday.

I sent apple pies with them.

The girls and I stopped in to see them in the afternoon.  Johanna was disappointed that she was going to miss the hunt this year.  She just can't take the time off of school....her semester is really heavy....she has biology, chemistry, sociology and math.

We decided on Dixie Lee chicken for supper.  And I had made myself a raspberry pie.

The boys would be eating deep fried turkey....and other things....and apple pie.

Terry doesn't he returned home for the night and he is off to work today.

But the boys are with the boys at the Ruby Hilton.

I had to call the high school this morning to let them know that Grady would be absent.  All I got was the answering machine in the attendance office....she would be a busy lady this morning!  Usually about half the school is away for the hunt.  The school is known for this.  There is even a plaque in the hall awarded to the best hunter....or something like that.....for the year.

Lydia and I were in charge of the chores this morning.

'Do you got a knife Mom?'.....she asked as she tried to pull the twine off of a bale.  I told her 'no'...and that I could manage fine without one.  But maybe I should get myself a knife.

We heard plenty of gunshots as we did the chores and then later when we went for a walk.

'I hope they get a yummy duck.'....she said.

I told her that they weren't hunting ducks.  They were hunting deer.

'oh. whatever.'

My thoughts exactly. 


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