Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The New Truck

I'm a driver.

I drive the kids to the places that they need to be at.

Sometimes it's a 4-H meeting or a dance lesson.

Or sometimes it's just to take them to a field so they can get on a tractor.

Or sometimes it's to pick them up at a field because they need to leave the tractor there....but they need to come home.

I'm needed a lot for things like this.  Just general pick ups or drop offs.

I'm pretty good at it....unless Terry says to pick him up in 40 minutes at some field and I completely forget....or I can't figure out where exactly he is.

Anyways....on Saturday night...it was late...I had just gotten home from the trivia night fundraiser for Johanna's mission trip to Peru....and it had a been a long day with making sandwiches and the 'shopping trip'....and I wasn't really thinking.....and Terry asked me if I would take him to pick up the 'new' truck early in the morning.  I said yes....I was thinking 6 a.m.

He woke me up at 5:30 a.m.....we needed to get going to pick up the truck right then.

Some things need to happen under the cover of darkness.....and picking up this truck was one of them.

When we got to the truck it wouldn't start....he was fiddling with wires...but he couldn't fiddle with wires and start the truck and rev the gas.

Yes.  That became my job....cranking the key and revving the gas.

I was scared out of my wits that the thing would actually start moving.

There were a few sparks....and I was praying that no one would drive by because they would probably call the cops....because it looked as though we were stealing this truck....in the dark, on a Sunday morning.

But honestly....who would want to steal it?

It ran for a few minutes and then it quit....and we had to go through the whole process again.

I prayed....because that's what I do.

And this time it kept running.  We were off.  He was heading home in the new truck and I was in the other truck.

I went ahead of him...and stopped every now and again to make sure that he was still coming behind.

When I arrived home at 7:30 a.m. the kids were eating breakfast at the table. 

I had told Johanna the night before that we would be going to get this truck...but she hadn't told the others.

And the others thought I was still in bed 'sleeping in'.

HA.  Sleeping in...that's a pretty thought.

They were excited to see Dad drive in with 'The Beast'....that's what I have named it.

Sophie couldn't wait to climb up into that big seat.


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  1. Sleeping in? It's been a while since that has happen.


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