Monday, 3 April 2017

Website Update and Cake Pan Pies

We got the snow...but not 25cm.  Just enough to make it a beautiful winter wonderland when we awoke on Saturday morning....on April 1st.  Very funny Mother Nature.  Very funny.  It was pretty much all melted by mid afternoon. 

The big lady lambed and it was triplets!  They are lovely and all doing well and she seems to have lots of milk for them.  So it's all good.  I didn't get any photos yet.  But they are white and cute and sweet.

Jack moved Rosie into the 'soon close to lambing' pen last night.  Rosie is extra special around here.

I updated the website for the farmhouse.  It's here.  This is our 11th season and the site really needed a complete redo.  It took me hours of figuring it all out but it's done.  and it's good.  and the summer is filling up already!

I treated the kids this weekend.  I had no cake orders so I made something for us!  I wanted pie and there just so happened to be a bag of pecans in the cupboard....and a part of a dark chocolate bar.  AND there were lots of apples in the we had two big pies in cake pans....

Usually the apple pie disappears first but this pecan pie...with the hidden chocolate chunks was so so crazy amazing.  So crazy that I would eat a piece and then eat another piece because it was all disappearing so fast that I didn't want to miss out and then I'd end up with a belly ache.

It had all disappeared by Sunday at noon.  That's actually the equivalent of 6 pies....because I just triple the filling for a cake pan.

I'm not making pie again soon.  We just had our fill.

Whatever....Easter is next weekend!


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