Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Snow, Sap, Kittens and a Nail.

It poured rain last Thursday and it changed over to snow during the night and they had a snowday on Friday.

A snowday in April.  There was a lot of snow.  It snowed all morning.

So Jack got an old bottle of maple syrup and made it into taffy....out in the garage. 

Because when it snows in April you just gotta make the best of it.

Only the cat walked across the tray of snow just before he poured the taffy out.  So that made us all really mad.

We were trying to make the best of a very difficult day and that cat was not helping. 

We ate the part that the cat hadn't walked on.

Because it was amazing taffy.  and it was snowing.

By Sunday the weather had all changed and the snow was melted and it was beautiful.  I told the girls to go outside and play.

Twenty minutes later, they come in the door and Sophie says


She tore off her rubber boot and her sock and the blood was running.

Right from the center of her foot.  Yes.  A big nail hole indeed.

I took her to emerg....there are no clinics....emerg is our only option here.

The sign said a two hour wait but there was no one in the waiting room and the triage nurse said don't mind the sign....you will be seen right away.  She put us in our own little room.

We sat there for 10 minutes and then there was lots of rushing around.  Nurses getting supplies and blankets.  And I saw an ambulance attendant in the hall.

We would not be seen right away.

Sophie started telling me about all the Mr. Bean episodes she had watched....telling me great detail about the hospital episode.  She is a very funny girl.  I could visualize it all.  We were laughing.

We had been there for well over an hour when Terry texted me with a 'Should I put that chicken in the fridge?'

I had left a meat bird in a pail of cold water, thawing for our supper.  I texted back that it would be much better in the oven.  He responded with a HOW?

And I gave him simple step by step instructions of how to get that chicken into the oven.  Twenty years of marriage and he lets on that he can only cook eggs!

We waited over two hours....the triage nurse stopped in to apologize to us when she was leaving for the day.  I told her that I completely understood....we were in an emergency room....and there was an emergency!  No worries.

We finally saw the doctor.  Then went to get the prescription for the antibiotic....and picked her up a new pair of rubber boots.  That's what she was stressing the most about....the hole in her boot!

And we came home to a delicious roasted chicken with potatoes boiling on the stove.

YYYYYEEESSSSSS!!  That made my day.

Rosie had her twins on Saturday.  They have really black ears.

Jack found these in the barn.

We didn't tell the girls that they are there.  It's top secret.

And the maple syrup season is wrapping up.  I didn't even manage to get over to the bush.  I can actually see some of the pails on the trees from the kitchen window.  The boys put on the taps this year....and they have been doing all the collecting.  Terry has been boiling off....Jack helping him.  I have been washing the filter and bottles and filling them.  The sweet smell just makes my head spin.

If a stranger happened to visit yesterday, they would think that we have a serious drinking problem as the counter and table were covered in liquor bottles all filled with syrup.  We give lots of it away to friends and neighbours.

And we had buttermilk pancakes and bacon for supper last night....because that syrup needed to be tested!  So sweet.



  1. oh boy, your post brought back childhood memories! Not sure how many nails got stepped on at our old house when we were young, but it happened to all of us more than once. Memories of tetnus shots but that's about all. When my brother was but a toddler he sat down on our rotten old porch, hard. He got a nail in the butt that was an issue for some time.

    1. Oh no! In the butt! Poor little guy!


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