Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Leftovers with Pancakes.

You know sometimes when you really don't feel like making supper.  And there are leftovers that need to be eaten.  But you just aren't sure if there are enough leftovers for seven people.

But maybe someone would just say that they would have an egg.....because there are always lots of eggs!

And seriously....I would just eat toast and peanut butter.

And after you announce that actually there is no supper when they keep asking what's for supper....

Lydia says that she would really like a pancake.....because who would not want a pancake with all this maple syrup hanging around.

So yes...pancakes can happen...along with the leftovers.  And suddenly....it is decided that we have a restaurant going on.  Because there were options.  We needed a menu.

It's all pretty funny because it's just leftovers with pancakes.  But it's restaurant quality when there are options.  Because there usually aren't options.  And restaurants are fun.

So she took peoples orders.  And the pancakes were eaten and the leftovers too!

I made those cakes on the weekend. 

And we showed them these....

They aren't top secret anymore!

Another set of twin lambs this afternoon....and yes...they sucked!



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