Thursday, 6 April 2017

My Family Ring

We will be married 20 years this spring!


I'm not much for jewellery.  I remember Terry buying me a pair of gold earrings when we were dating...and I wasn't too excited about them.  He bought the engagement ring and that was it for jewellery.  He knew there was no point in buying it....I'd never wear it.

But I remember the family ring that my Grandmother once wore.  All those little colours of jewels all together in a ring.  I loved it.

I started looking for a family ring a couple of years ago....and I saw one on Etsy but I really didn't have a reason to splurge on a ring.  And then this winter I asked Terry about getting one as we were having a special anniversary this year. 

He told me I could buy whatever I wanted.  And I think he was a little shocked that it was a piece of jewellery!

I absolutely love it!

It's actually 7 rings all stacked together.

I can wear it so many different ways....we have 2 December's and 2 July's in our family.  I can use the thicker December band as either Terry's or Jack's.  I can wear it as a mother's ring with my stone and the kids'.

Or their 5 stones without mine.

Or a couples there such a thing?  I might have made that up...

Or just my own birthstone alone.

I bought it at this Etsy shop.  Sheri was so excellent to work with.  I picked out all my own bands and stones....she has quite a lot to choose from.  I was worried about it not fitting quite right as we never actually met....I ordered it all online.  But the fit is perfect!

She took a photo before she shipped it off to me....

Thank you Sheri!

And thank you to my sister-in-law, Aimy!  She took all those photos of my hand....that was quite a session.  I'm not a hand model!



  1. Beautiful and so meaningful. Congratulations. We just had our 39th! We bought horses and a brand new horse trailer for our new barrel racing careers.

    1. How exciting Mimi! Barrel racing....that's just something I've never considered doing. There is no barrel racing around here but it's always so fun to watch. Enjoy! And congratulations on 39 years! That's beautiful.


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