Monday, 17 April 2017

Hoppy Easter!

What a great weekend!

We got the rest of the sap boiled and bottled.  I never did make it to the bush.  I felt guilty about getting no photos so I stood outside the front between decorating cakes and took this...

Waiting on sap to get to temperature is a very loooonnnnggg process...

Jack was fencing...

There were several new sets of twin lambs and even a set of twin calves!  They all sucked so it was good.  very very good.

The last few days all I've heard is....did it suck?  Did they suck?

A set of twin lambs was born just before I went to bed one night and when I told Jack the next morning......he just said....Did they suck?  Of course they sucked.  I made sure they had sucked before I went to bed!

When they all suck it's fabulous. 

We dyed the eggs.....I had to buy some white ones!

And decorated the house.

And got all dressed up for the Easter Vigil.  I love the candles and singing at the vigil. 

And found all the eggs that the Easter Bunny left.

Ummmm....this isn't such a great photo....lots of eggs on the stairs....

And we overdosed on chocolate.

And we celebrated with family and food.

And chips...these bags crack me up!

Hope you had a Hoppy Easter too!


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