Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Jack's Late for School...and the Triplets.

The kids were all getting ready for school this morning when Terry came in the door and told Jack that his heifer was calving out there and it looked like she needed some help.

Terry told him not to worry....he would get me to help out if needed.

But Jack promptly went upstairs...changed into his barn clothes and headed outside.

He wasn't going to school with his heifer calving. 

They had to pull it and all was well. 

I drove him to school.  He was about 10 minutes late.  I didn't know that I was suppose to sign him in.  I just drove away.

The secretary said that she would need a note or to speak to a parent so he called Terry....knowing that I was driving and I wouldn't answer my phone.  He just handed his phone to the she could talk to Terry.

When she got off the phone, she gave Jack a pat on the back and told him that he wouldn't need a note next time....he's an exception....he's a farmer!

I headed to the barn when I got home to see this new little one.

And there were a few others sleeping in the straw.

We have lots of calves now.  There are some out in the yard that I watch as I do the dishes.  They run and run and play all day.

Then I went to check out those triplets.

They were busy running and playing and eating.

That mom's got her hands full.

And then finally they decided to have a rest.


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