Monday, 5 January 2015

It's Winter.

We are back to reality today.  The Christmas holidays are over.  OVER.

Sophie was actually really looking forward to getting back to school.  But then she came home and said that she didn't get out for recess....not even once....because it's too cold to go outside.  Recess is her favourite.  AND she said that they are not going out for recess at all this week or next week.  She was so disappointed.'s cold....and it's winter.  That's reality.  I don't remember ever getting to stay inside for recess.  But times have changed.  Now the 'cold weather' is the top news story of the day.  Somehow it's become 'news'.

I call it winter.  It's the same as it's always been.  It's cold and it snows.

The kids love it.

They enjoyed a day on the pond with their cousins one day last week.

They skated and built some kind of stick pile thing.  They were busy for hours.

And all the big kids had a game of hockey.

And it was cold.

But it was good.


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