Monday, 19 January 2015

The Irish Blessing Birthday Cake

I made this cake on the weekend.

It's something that I have never done before.  It's something that I never even thought of doing before....writing an Irish Blessing on a Birthday cake.  I LOVED the idea when it was suggested to me.

Actually.....I was a little over the top excited about it.

I made the celtic knot out of rolled fondant.  It wasn't easy.  It made my brain hurt a little.  I had dyed the fondant green and then rolled it out like a snake and then joined it together at the ends.  Then I just tried to copy from a picture of the knot.  But it was more complicated than I thought it would be and it actually just looked like a big mess until I flattened it a little.....with a rolling pin.

I put shamrocks and little purple flowers all around the sides.

I was happy with the result....and I hope to do more cakes with Irish Blessings.



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