Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Thinking of my Grandma today.  She is turning 93.

So many good memories of the days...and nights.....spent at Grandma's house.  There was nothing better than a sleepover at Grandma's.  She'd always make an egg in the hole for breakfast....fried in lots of butter in the cast iron pan on the cookstove.

You never knew who would be at Grandma's when you went for a visit.  Cousins, friends of cousins....all the kids that lived within a short drive called that place 'Grandma's House'.  She welcomed everyone.  But it was always best when you had her all to yourself.

It was the place to go when you weren't feeling well....or maybe you just needed a day off of school.  Sometimes you just 'magically' felt better when you arrived there.  The 'sick' day turned into the best day when she'd make you homemade French fries....fried in lard.  She knew that you would feel better after a snack of those.

A day on the kitchen couch...with the big brown cushion.....all to yourself was THE BEST.  You would have to plug the t.v. in and 'let it warm up' before you turned it on.  Mr. Dressup and Spiderman and The didn't matter how old you were....those were the shows to watch.

And if there happened to be other cousins there, we would play 'hide the papers' and cards...all sorts of card games.

And we'd fight over who got to use the 'A' spoon.

We would need to go out to the barn to check on the new calves.  She'd name all of the calves after her every year there would be a new 'Brenda' out in the barn.  She LOVED her cows.

She also loved to get back to the camp or go down to the river.

Even doing the dishes at Grandma's was fun....the water was 'soft' from the cistern.  There would be a ridiculous amount of bubbles in the kitchen sink....but she never minded.

And the tub....oh my goodness.  Her bathtub was the perfect size for a seven year old.  I've never seen another one like it.  Having a bath in her tub was extra long as you were to the size of a seven year old.....and the 'soft' water.....THE BEST.

Her telephone was in the 'pantry'....or the stairway going to the basement.  This pantry was shelves built into the wall and they were lined with cans of food and jars of buttons.  If she wasn't making French fries we would have salmon sandwiches.  THE BEST salmon sandwiches.  ever.

In the summer, you could sit on her verandah and be surrounded by humming birds.  She would put up three feeders and they would come to drink even when you were sitting right under them.

So many good memories.

Happy Birthday Grandma.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Grandma Andrews! Seems like she is a wonderful person and is a very loved (beloved - not sure what the correct way to say it is) Grandma!


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