Friday, 23 January 2015


January....the month of food.

Ridiculous amounts of food.

Comfort food.  To keep our bellies full....and keep us warm because it's been cold.

Homemade baked beans.  Chili.  Spaghetti. Beef nachos. Roast meat bird...and then soup.  Ham....big hams with brown sugar glaze.  Whiskey burgers.  And thankful for such a good potato crop this past summer!

We have been eating very well.

And consuming great amounts of hot chocolate.  And popcorn.

I've had time to clean closets and cupboards and drawers.

And read books.

And start little painting projects.

It's been a good month for things like that.

And for freezing our faces off.  And for frozen water bowls.

But's nothing that we can't handle.

It's January.

We'll just keep on eating....

These girls seem to do that too.....


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