Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Calving Mode

We are in full calving mode here.

The alarm clock goes off at all hours of the night.

There is a sign on the cupboard door in the kitchen "Check cows every hour."  I'm not sure could we possibly forget?

It's only a matter of seconds and a calf can be lost.  Sometimes that mom just can't lick the face off quick enough.

It's all we do right now.  It's all we talk about.  I wrote this post last year...It sucked.

It's the same this year.  If it's good.  very. very. good.

Terry and the boys headed to the bush for just a couple of hours yesterday.  I was busy in the kitchen when I happen to notice the sign....I guess that's why it's there.

I went out and one was being licked off....all was well.  Another cow was lying and pushing...the front hooves were there.  I stood silently and waited.

Then I heard the boys drive in.  I was a little relieved.

As I gave my report she pushed the calf out.  Jack stepped in and wiped off its face....the mom seemed to be in no hurry to get up and lick it.  It was actually born with its body still completely in the sac....but it was broke just around it's face.  It gave its head a shake and took its first breath.  All was well.  The mom got up and started to lick and eat the sac....lovely.....I headed for the house.

But I went out to check on the little darlings this morning.  The moms had gone out to get a drink so I had a little alone time with the new babes born yesterday....

I was concerned that maybe they were cold...but the boys said that they had just settled down and were resting....they had just been up jumping around before I came into the barn.

And here is the first one of 2015 enjoying the sun today....

The boys just all left again for the afternoon and I heard them say that there are 4 cows to be checked today...


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