Tuesday, 1 March 2016


The kids are hoping for another snowday tomorrow. 

And they will probably get one.....as it's snowing and I think we are suppose to get about 30cm over night.

They just had a snowday yesterday.  and two last week.

When it started snowing at about 4pm Terry just happened to walk by the truck....he called me to get out here and have a look at this.

I thought something was wrong with the truck.

He said it's like little punched out paper snowflakes.

Only they were REAL....little snowflakes.

With little details.

It was amazing.

All over the hood of the truck.

And all over my sweater....they quickly melted when I stepped back inside.

Lydia took the bathroom stool out so she could have a look.



  1. Aren't they gorgeous!!!!!!!!

    1. They were Karen! The photos don't do justice for all the little details we could see. Not something you see everyday!


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