Thursday, 31 March 2016


What a busy month!

We have over 30 new calves and 4 sets of twin lambs....

it's been many many nights of 'broken' sleep.

and snow!

The kids had another snow day last them an extra long Easter weekend!

We sang the Alleluia's and dyed the eggs and ate the chocolate.

and pie.  so much pie.

I put '1 second everyday' app on my phone and this is our March...

In other news....Sophie and Lydia bought Jack's very old ipod from him.  They bought him 4 large cartons of chocolate milk in exchange for the ipod.  Fair deal I guess......I didn't even know he loved chocolate milk that much!  They texted me all the time now.  They are in the living room giggling and I'm in the kitchen.  It was nice for a bit....but then I gave them some other people's numbers to text because I really couldn't get my stuff done with all the texting.

And supper is kind of important here.

Lydia has lost both of her front teeth....and some other teeth on the bottom too.  She actually doesn't have very many teeth in her head right now....and her greatest fear is that her teeth will grow in as big as mine.  "They won't be as big as yours....will they?"

My teeth are pretty big....especially in the mouth of a 6 year old.  I'm really not sure what I did with my big teeth when I was her age.

I'm sure it will all work out.


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