Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Farm kids. Stepdancing. Another Rose Cake.

It's Wednesday! 

and it's raining!

and the snow is melting!

and did you know that you can get out of school if you know how to farm or stepdance?


I think they had 6 snow days in the last 3 weeks and now that they are back to school they aren't really back to school.

My three oldest are at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show in Ottawa today.  The high school asked around if any of the kids wanted to go......and of course they filled a bus!

Farm kids.  Getting a day off of school.

Sophie and Lydia were asked to dance at the local tavern yesterday afternoon.  They were picked up at school....taken to the tavern to dance for the crowd....and returned back to the school.  They each came home with a bag of chips and a new Douglas Tavern t-shirt. 

And you'd think that they had been to Disneyland for the day....they were that excited!

Only in Douglas.

oh yeah....and Sophie had a curling trip today and Jack goes skiing on Friday.  There doesn't seem to be much 'school' going on.'s March and the calendar is filled with a lot of this....

We haven't even managed to get the trees tapped.

and there are lots of new calves that I need to go and visit.

and I made another rose cake.


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