Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas Holidays

We've been hanging around with each other for the last two weeks....and it all ends tomorrow!


I don't want Christmas holidays to end!

At first there were a lot of moments "I'm not talking to you"...because really you were asking someone else....or "Who?" "What?" "When?".....when someone would walk in during the middle of a conversation.

One morning Lydia was not in a good mood...maybe because we were completely off schedule and had been staying up late and eating ridiculous amounts of sugar....and I asked her to just go and brush her teeth.  I always feel so much better after I brush my teeth.  But she just said "I DON'T EVEN LIKE CHOCOLATE CAKE!"

Sometimes we just didn't understand each other.

But most of the time it was good. very. very. good.

We did a lot of celebrating.  and visiting.  and eating.  and my pants don't fit.

It was a green Christmas.   We went for a walk on Christmas day.  It was beautiful outside.  Sophie wore her new jeans and got grass stains!  GRASS STAINS!! Sophie and Lydia got kidizoom action cams and Sophie took hers along for the walk.  She was even able to attach it to her bike and get some videos.  Riding a bike on Christmas day.....that's crazy!

We sort of had a retro Christmas.  They got a Rubik's cube, that flashing Simon game, a Spirograph, Fashion Plates (one of my all time favourites), the 5th season of the Duke's and Mastermind.

Yes....I found an unopened box of the Mastermind game on ebay....from 1975!  At first I was a little worried...what if there actually wasn't a game in that box?....but it was there and it was just how I remembered it!  And we all got instantly hooked on it!

There were lots of ping pong games in Grandma and Grandpa's basement....and lots of fun with cousins. 

But they were missing the snow....hoping for snow....Sophie had even asked Santa for snow....and finally it happened!  It snowed all day and all night.  It was a good day for making the gingerbread houses.

And then they headed outside for some snow fun!

And the big clean up started.....

Once we got the snow, Sophie and Lydia would get up in the morning and put on their snowsuits and head out.....with their pj's on underneath!  The snow would keep them entertained for hours.

This happened usually several times a day...and the music always had to be LOUD!......

We also celebrated Terry's Birthday.  This day was all about the butterscotch pie.  His favourite.

One last party at the bowling alley.....

And now it's over.


I'm afraid it will be a rude awakening for everyone in the morning.


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