Tuesday, 19 January 2016

He's a fun date.

Terry and I headed into the big city on Saturday night.  We had a 50th Birthday party to attend.

We went early to have supper out....because we had a gift card that was over 3 years old and we figured that it was time to use it!  And because we never have supper out....just the two of us.  I think that's a date.

We went on a date.

As we started to get into the city and we got surrounded by other trucks and cars....I could feel my blood pressure rising.  I was feeling closed in.  Feeling like I needed to get out of there.

And I said....who in their right mind would live here?

The city and me just don't jive.

But anyways....we parked and we were walking towards the restaurant when Terry stopped.

He started to shake one of his legs.  I said...what are you doing?

And then he bend down and pulled the truck keys out of the bottom of the leg of his pants.

I was amazed.  'WOW', I said.

He said...I have a hole in my pocket.

But those are new pants.


Give me those keys....I'm putting them in my purse.

He's a fun date.

We went into the restaurant and had a good meal.  It was nice.  Just one text from Johanna saying that she was heading to the ER.  She had decided that she had strep throat.  But she didn't.

As we were walking out of the restaurant I handed the truck keys to Terry.

We weren't walking long and he stopped.  Gave his leg a shake.  And pulled the keys out of the bottom of his pant leg.

I said that I really needed to sew that pocket.

He's a fun date.

We drove to the birthday party....arriving at the same time as another couple that we knew.

We were all chatting and walking towards the pub.....when Terry stopped.  Gave his leg a shake.  And then pulled the keys out of the bottom of his pant leg.

The other couple saw him....and he said 'I've got a hole in my pocket.'

And I added.......'That's the third time that he's done that tonight....give me those keys!'

We all laughed. 

He's a fun date.

At the party I got talking to a city girl that said.....'You know....I didn't realize that people actually lived out where you live until I met you all.  When I first went out there I thought....who in their right mind would live out here in the middle of nowhere?  You have to drive to get anywhere!'

I said....ya....I love it!

After a fun evening, I was happy to get back out on the open road and back home to the middle of nowhere...glad that we still had the keys.

And I still have to sew that pocket.

and we still have all those roosters.....too many birds!


Update....I got a call Wednesday at noon....Johanna's swab was positive for strep!  She was right after all.

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