Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Leprechauns

The big rumor at the beginning of December was that Douglas was not going to have a Santa Claus Parade this year.  It was going to cost too much to close the highway.  Too much for insurance.  Too big an expense.  It was cancelled.  It wasn't happening.

Forget about it.

I was actually a little relieved.

Then I got a call.


Of course!  We are parade people.  We live for parades.  Parades are our life.  We love parades.

Everyone in this house said Really Mom?  Really?

I told them that I would handle this.  I would come up with an idea.

And I did.

Christmas Leprechauns.  We can do this.

I've got lots of orange beards in the closet....AND....Johanna never got to wear the orange beard in March because she was away in Peru on a mission trip.  Perfect reasoning.

I asked Terry to get me a tree and Johanna to make a sign.

And I asked for a few extra friends to join us.

And that float was whipped together in no time at all.

We were getting all set....decorating the tree and putting on our beards......when a reporter from one of the local papers approached me.  He wanted an interview.

These beards.  This float.  It's all amazing.  How did I come up with this idea?

Well....I was completely out of ideas....and we were leprechauns in March for the St. Patrick's Parade and well....I had all these orange beards in my closet so I figured we'd just be Christmas Leprechauns.

I sounded so incredibly lame.

And how long did it take you to put this float all together?

I was speechless.  I was going to say that we actually just whipped all together within the last husband went to the bush and cut down a tree...

But Terry was so quick to answer that I didn't have too.  He shouted I HAD TO QUIT MY JOB TO GET ENOUGH TIME TO MAKE THIS FLOAT.

Yeah....pretty much end of interview.  I think the reporter thought we were all completely crazy.

His report is here....along with some other photos from the parade.

I'd say that we were a little bit of cuteness overload.

And this girl was so happy to finally get to wear the orange beard.  Her fingers froze while playing the fiddle as we floated thru town....she is such a good sport to go along with my crazy ideas!

The boys refused to join us.

I think our parade days are coming to an end.

The girls had a visit with Santa after.


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