Monday, 14 December 2015

This Weather is Confusing.

This weather is so confusing.  I have to keep reminding myself that it's actually December.

I was at the grocery store last week and the clerk was trying to shove more mitts on the mitten display wall.  She had a whole cart full of mitts to put on the wall....but there was no more room to put them.  No one was buying mittens.  No one is wearing mittens.  It's just too warm.

We never got around to digging all the carrots in the garden....but it doesn't much matter.  They are fine there....and we just go and get some when we want some for supper.

I keep making those comfort soup and chilli.  And then I put them in a container and put them in the freezer....because no one wants to eat that!  It's just not cold enough outside to eat that kind of food.  I barbequed steak the other the dark...on the deck.....without a coat on!

There are buds on some of the trees.  The cows and sheep are out walking around in the fields still eating up some green stuff....and actually there is some green grass coming up!  Of course we are feeding them hay like we normally do in the winter...but usually they don't wander around so much.

We had a house party on Saturday night.  The house was full of people and the yard was full of kids.  Kids out running around with no coats on! running shoes!  A coat was left behind at the end of the wasn't a winter was a spring coat.  Who would leave their coat at a house party in December?  Usually you would freeze when you walk out the door....but not this year!

The girls were wondering if Santa would still be able to come in this weather.  I told then that he sure worries there girls!  Let's pretend we live in a different country!


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