Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Posters and Jack's Birthday and a Cake

Last week is a complete blurr.  It was the last week of school before Christmas break.

It was a whole lot of....Do you have your secret Santa note?  Sophie and Lydia's entire school plays secret Santa for the twelve days before holidays.  Some secret Santa's give little gifts everyday and some secret Santa's forget to take their notes to school everyday.  It ends up being a real pain for the parents....I've talked to several Mom's that all say....I'll be so glad when secret Santa is OVER.  It's basically some kids getting nothing everyday and some kids getting candy everyday and some kids getting junky gifts from the dollar store everyday. 

But it's over and we got thru....so let's move along.

They presented the prizes for the Remembrance Day Poster contest on Wednesday....and there were some excited girls when they got off the bus and into the truck.  I saw Lydia walking with her certificate but Sophie wasn't carrying one.  But Sophie was the first one in the truck and she said I WON FIRST PLACE.  And then Lydia said SO DID I!  Sophie had entered a coloured poster and Lydia entered a black and white....so they were in different categories...but they were both in the same age category this year.

They were most excited about the cash.  Sophie said that she now had some money for Christmas shopping....Lydia just looked at her like she was crazy.

We celebrated Jack's birthday on Thursday.

He's had a big year.  He lambed out 36 lambs this spring!

He was lucky with the spring turkey hunt.

He sat in a truck surrounded by cupcakes.

He worked all summer bringing in the hay and training his steer and lamb.

He had an excellent season showing at the fair.

He went to school for the very first time.....grade 9!

He was lucky again with the deer hunt.

He has grown up so much this year!

I made this cake on Friday for a friend.  Her Mom was turning 65.

Johanna had a couple of performances last week.  She fiddled at the "Melissa Bishop" day at school....she is our local Olympian.  Then she fiddled and played the French horn in the school band before the Ottawa Senators game on Friday night.  That was a great experience for her!

Such a busy week! 

But this week we are sitting around and watching Elf and the entire season of Mr. Bean.

And dreaming of a white Christmas.

Not really.  I was outside in a t-shirt today!



  1. Don't dispair. According to the weather network we are going to get 10-15 cm on Monday. Better late than never right?

    1. Really? They keep changing the forecast! I don't miss the snow but I'm really starting to miss the sun!


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