Monday, 13 July 2015

He's Home.

Terry and the boys have been busy with the hay for the last couple of weeks. 

They finished with the square bales......until second cut starts....they have been doing all round bales.

It's been great weather for getting the hay in.

And well....look it here.....

Here comes another load.  Terry's been using the new truck to haul it home.

This guy is the happiest guy in the world.

He is home.

Home everyday.

He had been working in construction for about the last 25 years and farming when he came home at night and on weekends.  Actually, when we were first married he was away working at construction all over Ontario and only home on weekends.'s all been crazy and I don't really know how we farmed and he worked construction.

But we did it.

And now he is finally home to farm with us everyday.

And check his phone.  because he gets a lot of texts.

And he's still sitting in the truck texting.  Meanwhile, Lydia will pose for a photo.

There.  He's done.

He's home.


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