Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Celebrating Sophie


Dear sweet Sophie turned 8 the other day.

How can that be?

I remember craving lemons and jelly donuts when I was expecting her.  I ate a lot of lemon pie that year.

I was about 37 weeks along when I went into a Timmy's wanting jelly donuts.  And it just so happened that they didn't make jelly donuts in that particular Timmy's.  I was devastated....and the girl working at the till knew it.  She said that she could go to the back and make me one.  But I said that I didn't want one...I needed a dozen.  But it was funny because I wasn't going to eat a dozen all by myself....I had told the kids all about jelly donuts and that I was going to get them some.  But the girl thought that I wanted to eat a dozen....and she told me that she couldn't make a dozen....she would get in trouble.

I also remember the nurse that helped me along on the night of Sophie's birth.  Her name was April and she was such a good nurse.  We had many conversations that night....because I always took my time when I had a baby.  I remember her telling me that she was actually born in October...but her name was April....because her father said that she looked like a spring flower when she was born and he named her April.  And she said that her father was a wee bit crazy.  And then she said that it was actually her mothers birthday today.  So I told her that I would name my baby after her mother...I was completely joking.  But she said....oh heavens, NO...don't name it after her mother because her mother hated her name and she would die if I did that.  I think her mothers' name was Doris.

So...anyways....we've been celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's pool!

She requested a dolphin cake.

And lemonade....because she LOVES lemons!!


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