Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Fishing with the Girls

The Annual Douglas Fishing Derby was on Sunday at the river.  The boys decided to go with their uncle and cousins this a boat.  They wanted to catch 'the big one'.

That left me and the girls alone.  And I decided that we were going to go fishing.  We could fish off of the dock.  I went to the store and bought some worms.

Then I noticed that our rods didn't have hooks on them.  Jack had taken his tackle box with I stopped at my Dad's and he gave me a box of hooks.....and a box of sinkers...because I would need those too.

Of course....I knew that.  I knew what a sinker was for but I had never put one on a line.

When I used to go fishing with my Dad and brothers, I just had to sit in the boat and hold the rod and reel it in.  They didn't even let me cast.

Actually, I really couldn't remember how to cast.  But Sophie said that she knew how.

We could do this.

We got to the river and Johanna and I got the hooks and sinkers on....easy peasy!  The sinkers actually just pinch onto the line!  We put on two...because we really didn't know how many we needed.

I pinched the worms into pieces and got them on the hooks.  I think I made them a little too small....

When Johanna made the first cast out she caught a fish!  But I told her that it was much to small and I unhooked it and let it go back.  We were going to get 'the big one'.

But then not much happened....other than me continuously putting worms on hooks and casting out the lines for Sophie and Lydia.  Sophie did know how to cast but she liked that I could cast out farther.

And I think it was about 35 degrees.  We felt like we were melting right there on the dock.

But we were determined that we were going to catch another fish.

Johanna sat in the shade of the truck for a few minutes and found the camera....

Doesn't that look tranquil?  Peaceful?

This was the reality of it....

Lydia had no confidence in my casting ability.

BUT Sophie did manage to finally catch another fish!  We put it in the pail and headed to the beach....

Of course the winners had fish that were much bigger.  Jack tied for 4th place with a 2.9 lb.

But everyone got a prize...the girls were thrilled!


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  1. I love how the photos are so peaceful looking and the video tells the real story :) I think that is why I like taking photos so much ;)

    1. Oh....I know. I would much rather have someone follow me with a camera than a video camera! Although...the best part about the videos is hearing their 'little' voices. I miss those little two year old voices....


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