Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Lydia's 6

This girl.

Some call her Bill.

Some call her Jimmy.

We all used to call her Pretty Liddie.

She's a tonne of fun.

She wears a sequin skirt and a camo hat to t-ball.

She's the youngest of 5...and she can hold her own.

She turned 6 last week.

And she wanted a beach cake.

She pretty much decorated it herself.

There is a party going on right on this cake.  BBQ, pizza, whales, sandcastles, boom box, drinks....yes that's a party.

And today she danced for all the seniors at Marianhill for the July birthday party.

They thought she was as sweet as sugar. 

She is.

I wish that she wouldn't grow up so fast.



  1. Mia does the EXACT same valley stepdance!!!

    1. Really!!? She MUST bring her shoes when you come! They can dance together!

  2. Great Job! Which dance is this?


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