Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Weekend of Cake

It was a weekend of cake.

I got home from the farmers' market on Friday night and I did this one.  An anniversary cake.

Yes...that's the inside of the fridge.  I had already put it in the fridge and I forgot to take a photo and then I didn't feel like taking it back out.

Then Saturday morning I did this one.  A baptism cake.

And then this one.  A sweet sixteen cake.

It was my first 'official' rolled fondant cake.  I really didn't know what I was doing...thank goodness for youtube.  I kneaded in the colours of teal, blue and green and I got this...

I love these swirls....

And for some reason there is purple in there....not sure how that came about but I like it!

Then there was this one.  The 100th Anniversary of 4-H in Ontario cake.

They also needed cupcakes.  But I was a little exhausted by then so I got Johanna to ice them.

We loaded them all in the truck early Sunday morning.  Grady and Johanna were in the back...each holding large cakes and then Jack and I were in the front surrounded by cupcakes.  The things I make my children do....they are so good to put up with me and all my caking.

Anyways, Johanna from the backseat says that one of those cupcakes does not look good enough.

And Jack says...which one?...Because I can take care of that for you.

I didn't stay for the party but this is how they cut the cake....

I love this woman.  4-H people are crazy fun.


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  1. Oh, Brenda! You make me giggle! Nice way to send me to bed - lovely cutting of the cake picture!


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