Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Pioneer School

Sophie's class had a day at the Pioneer School last week.

We pretended it was 1899.

She needed an outfit.

I wanted to braid her hair....but she said NO.

And she needed a lunch pail of some kind.  I phoned my dad and he had this wooden lunch box with a leather strap.  I'm not sure why he painted it silver.  Maybe it was metal on the outside...but the inside was wood.

Anyways, Sophie said it was ridiculously heavy.  And it was.

We were suppose to make an authentic lunch from 1899.  I was excited about this.  I was going to make homemade buns.  and cookies.  But then we got notice that no home baking was permitted because there is a child with a peanut allergy.  They suggested that we pack some sticks of rhubarb and some sugar.  uuummm.  She didn't really like that idea.

So she got a sandwich...with store bought bread.  Some popcorn.  Some rice crackers.  Yogurt and granola.  Water in a mason jar.  Yes...we failed with the authentic lunch.

But she had a really fun day.  They used slates and tried using ink wells.  There was even a music lesson.  It was held just down the road in a one room school house that locals have refurbished to be 1899.



  1. That is an AWESOME thing for the class to do! I hope Sophie & her classmates had fun during Pioneer Week!

  2. Violet's class will do this this week (but to the Wilno school). We watched Anne of Green Gables last night to "research"! What a fun way of making history come alive. Too bad about the homemade bun...I'm thinking I might have to buy some "homemade" (looking) bread! :)

    1. Oh wow....I didn't know that they did this at the Wilno school as well! It's such a great experience for the kids!


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