Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Conversation with Sophie

Sophie is studying the history of Douglas at school.  She said that they are learning about what Douglas was like 150 years ago...."You know, Mom, back when you were a little girl."

Of course.

So she had to make a list of all the current businesses and important places in Douglas today....and then they would compare them to the way Douglas used to be.

She had listed quite a few and then she was having trouble coming up with a couple more.  I noticed that she hadn't listed the post office.  I told her that I knew one that she had missed and she told me to give her clues as to the place that I was thinking about.

So I told her that it was across from the fire station.

She said that she didn't know....

I said it's a place that I go into quick and usually leave you all in the truck...but when I go to go in there you all say to not talk forever to the lady in there.

She still didn't know....and I was surprised.

So I said it's a place that you can buy stamps....I was sure that the guessing game would be over.

But she said....You can buy STAMPS in Douglas??

I said yes....STAMPS....what place do you buy stamps?

She said she didn't know...

So I asked her what do you do with stamps....

And she said that you put them in ink and then you stamp things.

UUUUggggg.  No Sophie.....not those kind of stamps.  The stamps that you put on A LETTER!

She was looking really confused.

I asked her..."What do you do with letters?"

She said....YOU MAKE WORDS!

I started to laugh.  She started to laugh.

Good golly.  We were no where near the post office

I know the letters that you write to people and you put in an envelope and you put a stamp on it and you mail it at the....

POST OFFICE....she shouted!

We did it!

So then I mentioned to her that I thought I had a book about the way Douglas used to be....and it has a map in it.  She said that her teacher had showed her the map already at school....Douglas had Blacksmith Shops and things like that. 

I asked her what a Blacksmith Shop was.

She said "I think they make butter."

I love my conversations with Sophie.



  1. Reading this is quite hard not to laugh out loud. Sophie's quite the girl!

    We should get RM and Sophie maybe Skyping.

    1. Skyping would be fun....but I'd have to figure out how to do it first!

  2. Oh Sophie... :) Maddie said the same thing "tell me about the old days, you know, when you were little".


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