Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Weekend

We enjoyed an extra long Easter weekend......the school busses were all cancelled on Thursday!  There was a wee bit of freezing rain in the morning.

Our lambs were very excited about this.....

The annual dying of the eggs was extra easy this year.  I didn't have to blow out all the eggs.

Or boil the eggs. 

Or worry about the eggs cracking. 

There is a genius somewhere out there that invented faux eggs...that dye perfectly....and cost less than the price of a dozen real eggs.  There were no headaches from blowing out 2 dozen screaming that the egg was cracked and ruined.

Really not much excitement at all....just a whole lot of oooooos and awwwws....those eggs are pretty.

I actually told the girls that this would probably be the last time that they would need to do this....because we could just save these eggs and put them away with the Easter decorations and just bring them out again next year. 



This finally happened.

It was steamy.

And sweet. so. so. sweet.

I made this cake.

It has a celtic knot on it....for strength and protection.

The Easter Bunny came!  There was an explosion of eggs all over the house.

We celebrated.  and ate.  and visited with lots of family.

Alleluia!  Hope you had a blessed Easter!




  1. I loved finding eggs on the piano keys when I was a child! Now the Bunny hides them there as well as on the fiddles that hang along the wall. And one in daddy's cello. And one on my spinning wheel! :) The kids love finding the ones way up HIGH where the bunny must have HOPPED to place them. Happy Easter!

  2. I never seen lambs leaping up close! So cute!

    Faux eggs? May I ask where you got these?

    1. I picked them up at Walmart Susy. I wasn't sure if they would actually work....I was thinking that they were too good to be true....but they worked great!

  3. I love reading this everyday blog of this lovely family my fiancé wants to move to the countryside and this blog makes me look forward to the life of a farmer such hard working and lovely people you are!

    Looking forward to more posts that are very well written one of the beta blogs I've read in a while.

    1. Thanks so much Jenn, such a lovely comment! Happy to hear that you enjoy the blog. Wishing you and your fiancé a beautiful life together with much love and happiness!


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