Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cakes!....a Hockey Jersey, First Communion and Baptism

I had four cakes to make over the weekend! 

So much icing....so much cake!

So much fun!

I was asked to make a hockey jersey cake.  This was new to me...I had never even seen one before...but there are many different ones 'out there'.  I went with this design....

It was for a big hockey fan named Cash who was turning 2.

The request was for a buttercream base with the white accents of rolled fondant.  The smoothing out of the buttercream took a very long time!

Next up....a First Communion cake for my cousin's sweet girl named Ava Rose.  Her favourite colours are lime green, sky blue and yellow.  I LOVED this colour combination.

Since I had the rolled fondant out, I coloured some of it yellow and used it for the ciborium/chalice.  I used buttercream to make the designs over it.

Then I had two Baptism cakes to make.

I had a ridiculous amount of red icing leftover from the hockey jersey cake so I added some blue and it turned a dark purple/burgundy.  I had a hard time getting the rolled fondant to match....but it was close enough.  I trimmed the cake in hearts along the side.

I did the same cross on the next cake....only in blue this time.

Graph paper and rolled fondant became my new best friends this weekend!



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