Saturday, 7 March 2015

Four Things That I Learned This Week.

1. If the tooth fairy forgets to come two nights in a row, the child will decide to keep the tooth.  But not forever....she will keep all of her teeth as they fall out and then 'cash in'...with ALL of her teeth under the pillow at once.

And the tooth fairy will bring $100.

Nice try.


2. It was the coldest February in the last 115 years.

I think that means that the thermometer was invented 115 years ago.

It was so cold that some local fishermen could not cut all the way thru the ice with their auger.  The auger wasn't long enough....or the ice was too thick....which was the real problem?

IT WAS JUST TOO COLD.  That's what.

This didn't make headline news.  This was just a local rural problem.

3. Terry has been getting up every night to check on the cows and now the sheep that are 'soon delivering'.  Jack volunteered to get up give Dad a break....he set the alarm for 2 a.m.

I heard him getting up....going down the stairs...going outside....I had to stay awake to make sure that he came back in safely.  He did.  He reported that everything was just chewing their cud.....and all was well.  He went back to bed.  I tried to go back to sleep but I just kept having stupid odd dreams.  It was a bad night's sleep.

When Terry goes out to check on the animals....I sometimes briefly wake up....and then go right back to sleep.

The idea of Jack getting up and doing this job is a very bad idea.

4.  Letting your firstborn child fly away in an airplane is not easy.

I cried at the airport.

She is gone to Peru on a two week mission trip.

AND she is travelling with an illegal limit of toothpaste.  When we were buying all of her supplies she said that the small travel size tube would be too small....and I completely agreed with her....because we are both slightly obsessive/compulsive about toothpaste and brushing teeth.  So she bought the next bigger size....and it's over the limit....and I didn't know this.

They took it out of her carry on bag during the check thru but they let her have it back...and she has continued on with it.

But she might not be so lucky at the next airport.

And she might end up in Peru with no toothpaste.

And that would be bad news.

Really bad news.

Have fun girls! xo



  1. I agree with all of your points. Great photo at the airport - I hope they all have a great trip!

    1. Thanks! Just received the email this morning that they arrived safely! Yesterday was a LONG day waiting for this news.

  2. Eee! ....I'm already having a hard time my oldest is 9! She's growing up too fast!

    I hope Johanna and everyone in Peru will be safe & will have a good learning experience!

    When does Johanna get back?

    1. She is back on the 22nd. I will forward the daily emails of their adventures to you! I just received the first one this morning. They have made it there safely!

  3. Wonderful to hear! Was she able to keep her toothpaste?

    1. hahaha....I don't have the update on the toothpaste situation! I'll keep you posted!

  4. SO glad to hear she is there safely, hopefully she has her toothpaste :)

    1. Did you get the email update today Julie? There are some great journal stories and photos....but Johanna wasn't in any of them! I'm thinking that she is taking the photos....because I told her to take LOTS.


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