Monday, 16 March 2015

The Ruby Leprechauns

The 4th Annual St. Patrick's Parade was held on Friday night in Douglas.

We have put a float in every year for this....but this year we wanted to get some 'outside' help. 

With Johanna away in Peru, we had no fiddle player.  And the boys are teenage boys....not really interested in participating in a parade.

So we joined forces with Terry's childhood neighbours from Ruby...the McGrath's...and we became The Ruby Leprechauns.

Terry built us a Leprechaun house....we made a pot of gold......and there were some serious beard making evenings here.  I found this site on how to make the beards here.

Our little leprechauns had a great time stepdancing!

And who are these guys?....I thought they didn't want to be on this float??

We made a sign for Dennis...."World's Tallest Leprechaun"....because he probably is.

Look at all the red faces....we were frozen!

But it was so much fun!



  1. Thanks for the post! Wished we could of been there. Very cute little leprechauns!

    Were the beards handmade?

    1. Yes Susy! I made all the beards. I will include the link from where I got them...they are so easy to make!


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