Monday, 5 May 2014

First Communion and the Stanley Cup

Our parish celebrated First Communion yesterday so I had two special cakes to make.

First Communion  =  Stanley Cup Cakes

A few years ago I made a cake with a chalice on it for a little lad making his First Communion and he was ecstatic when he saw it.  It was a Stanley Cup Cake!  First Communion always happens during the playoffs......

I started with a crumb coating of buttercream...

and then a second coating of buttercream.

I drew a chalice, cut it out and placed it on the cake.

Traced around it with a toothpick.

Filled it in with yellow buttercream.

Smoothed it out with a hot, wet knife.

Added some details...

Then I took the lid off of the maple syrup jar (and cleaned it)...I needed something small and round for the host...and I pressed it gently into the icing.

I filled it in with white buttercream and smoothed it out...and then put a cross on it.

I wrote "God Bless Meghan".

And then added some trim.

And a few simple flowers.


I did this all again...except this one was for a boy....actually it was for a brother of the original "Stanley Cup Cake".

So I changed the icing colour for the lettering and I did the trim in a sort of geometrical pattern.

Blessings to all the Stanley Cup winners this past weekend!  The cup that you received is truly the greatest gift you could ever receive!  May your lives be filled with God's grace and love.


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