Wednesday, 7 May 2014

More Lambs.

Jack, Lydia and I have spent a lot of time in the barn the last few days.  We now have a total of 16 new lambs!

There were many moments of waiting.  Just sitting in the barn...waiting.  Watching a ewe walk in circles, paw at the ground, lie down, get back up.  I knew the pain that she was going through....somehow you just don't forget the pain of childbirth!  Any kind of new birth is so amazing to watch.  We would usually just sit in silence....listening to the other ewes crunch away eating their hay and listening to the barn swallows swoop and chirp above our heads and listening to the traffic out on the road.  The rest of the world was going by and we were watching these miracles happen in the barn.

Lydia would play with the kittens.

And I would pray.

Most of the ewes were able to lamb without any trouble but we ended up pulling a couple.  Jack has become an expert.  He can do it all .....pull lambs, help them latch on for their first drink of colostrum, give them a squirt of NutriDrench, put iodine on their cords.  He can do it all......he amazes me.  He is our sheep whisperer.

The new lambs are so much fun to watch.  They prefer to jump and run instead of walk.  Some of the bigger ones can be let out on the field now during the day and I saw a car stop on the side of the road......the lambs were close to the fence and they were watching them.

And when they sleep....they really sleep....


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