Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Birthday Cake for Anne

Saturday was a busy cake decorating day.

I made two First Communion cakes and then I had a birthday cake to make for Anne.

Anne is an Irish Catholic who loves anything celtic.

So I started with a celtic cross.  I just traced it on with a toothpick.

Filled it in green and smoothed it out with a wet, hot knife.

Then piped the trim along the edge.

Added the yellow 'swirls'.

And yellow lines along the trim.

I just randomly started putting flowers on the cake.

Then I made snacks and drinks for the girls.  They were getting impatient....they wanted to decorate some cupcakes and I told them that they could use all my leftover buttercream.....WHEN I WAS DONE!

I finished up Anne's cake....

And then they did their decorating....this is the look of a little face that has been eating buttercream all day.....

Could her eyes get any bigger?

Sophie and Lydia are really good with the piping bags....and they are very creative.  They've had years of in this house of cake and buttercream!


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