Monday, 26 May 2014

The Dress....17 Years Later

We celebrated our wedding anniversary on the weekend.

Of course it involved food....every celebration involves food!  We didn't go out....I'd much rather stay home...the food is much better!  We barbequed T-bone steaks and had a delicious supper with the kids.  And for dessert, I bought a tub of Moosetrack's ice cream from Tracey's in town.  So so good!

But Lydia calls it "Moose hunting" ice cream for some reason....

I surprised the girls when I came downstairs wearing my wedding dress.  It still fits....after 17 years and 5 babies!  Woot woot!

They were so thrilled....and I didn't realized that they had never actually seen my dress before....only in photos!  They wanted to know HOW I managed to get it so's pretty filthy!  I never got it cleaned after....because I knew that I would never need it again!

Sophie loved all the buttons up the back....and she wanted to do them all up!

We had a little fun on the lawn and I shared with them some stories about my dress.

I had insisted on a very plain dress.  When I went shopping most of dresses in the shops were covered in bead work and sequins and huge bows.  I remember the look on the lady's face when I asked for a plain dress....she said...."I think we have one."  And yes....they had ONE....the only one.  Of course she made me try on others but I wanted the plain one.

My mother insisted that I have a super long train....that wasn't my idea.  I had a seamstress put special loops and hooks in the back so that it could all be bustled up after the Mass....and that worked well during the afternoon and supper BUT as soon as we squared danced for the first dance those loops and hooks all got pulled out and I was left with a very long train again.  Luckily, one of our guests had some old fashioned diaper pins and she managed to get my trained pinned I could get through the reception!

I was so glad that I got the dress out for the girls.  We created some more good memories.


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