Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Twenty. and Square Dancing.

We celebrated a birthday on the weekend.

Johanna turned 20.


I made her a cake to reflect her studies in nursing.  She is in her second year of the RN program.

I asked her if I did those heart rhythm things right on the cake and she laughed and said NO...but it didn't matter!  Then she showed me what they were suppose to look like.  Ya....they're not quite right.

It's pretty neat to think back on the day she was born...just as I was about to give birth I was asked if a group of nursing students could watch...and I said YES!  of course!  I had no idea what was about to happen...I think it was a first time for all of us!  Everyone was thrilled when I delivered a healthy baby girl with a full head of hair.  The students were always checking in on me the day after....making sure I had water to drink...and they wanted to have another look at the 'hairy baby'!

So it turns out that now Johanna is attending the same nursing school that all the students were attending who watched on the day she was born....twenty years ago!

Johanna came with me on the night of the 4-H Square Dancing Achievement.  Sophie danced this year.  Johanna did not.  It was the first time in 10 years that she wasn't in the change room with all the girls putting on the dresses with the crinolines. Her 4-H square dancing days are over.....

But Sophie's 4-H years are just getting started...


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