Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Doughnuts,a Bull and a Campout Supper

It's Wednesday and I think it's Monday.  I'm so confused.

Monday was Family Day and yesterday was a snow day.  Only it didn't snow.  It rained.  a lot.  and now the yard is 'a bottle'.  That's what my Grandma would say.  'The yard is a bottle.'  Terry told me not to go up to the henhouse this morning....he said that he would look after it.  It's all ice.  Only it's ice covered in water.  Extra great.

On a whim I applied to The Great Canadian Baking Show....

and they called me!  I need to go to an audition in Toronto in March sometime.  I don't know the details really....but a weekend away in the Big Smoke will be fun...even though I don't even know how I will get there.

My cousin encouraged me to apply.....I really didn't have any idea what I was getting into as I haven't even watched the show!  I don't watch TV at all.

So the other night I figured I better have a look online at this show and see what it's all about.  And then I sort of panicked because they were making things that I had never heard of!  I've baked a lot of things but there are a lot of things that I haven't baked.

With the snowday yesterday I thought I'd make some doughnuts with the girls.  That's something that I've never tried.....mostly because I'm terrified of a big pot of hot grease.  But it all worked out and they were sooooo yummy!

I've spent the last two weeks trying to help out with a bull riding dance.  Terry is on the Renfrew Fair board and he had this idea for a fundraiser....a dance with a mechanical bull.  I made up the poster for the event...

I decided that it should have a photo booth.  So I made all these props....all with the cowboy theme....cowboy hats, moustaches, a beard, guns, a sheriff badge, a set of lips and all those speech bubbles with things like 'YEEHAW' and 'This Ain't my First Rodeo'.  Then I made this huge 'WANTED' sign that people could stand in and take their photo.

It was great fun!  We had a DJ and served chili and hotdogs.....but that bull really whipped me off quick!

We celebrated Family Day on Sunday with friends in the bush.  It was a beautiful day with sleigh rides and campfire food.

Our MacGyver Bush Guy friend decided to start a fire inside a log to make us supper.

It was slow going at the start and we were beginning to doubt that the steak would be served....

but he pulled through for us. 

The pan of beef and onions was empty in a matter of seconds....even though he jokingly told us it was coyote meat! DELISH! Thanks Scott!



  1. WOW Brenda! I'm really impressed. The Great Canadian Baking Show is something else. I've been watching the British and Irish version for ages, so when the Canadian showed up last summer I was hooked. Good luck to you. Hope you make it!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Karen! I didn't know there is an Irish version....I will have to look that up!


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