Saturday, 7 January 2017

A smelly toque and an orange cat

Conversations around here are always interesting.

Cows. Poop. Sheep. Cats. Round bales. Square bales. Poop. Tractors. Horses. Gates. Waterbowls. The dog. Poop. Fences. Poop.

There is a lot of poop involved.  It's everywhere.  Is the truck too poopy?...does it smell too poopy?  We can't take the's too poopy.

This morning the downstairs bathroom smelt like a horse.  Like there was a horse right there in the bathroom.  I searched and searched....there isn't much in that bathroom...and I couldn't figure it out.  How could it smell so much of horse when there was nothing there....and the smell wasn't going away.  I asked Terry about it and he couldn't see any horse either.  Then an hour later when he went to go outside he told me that he had figured out about that smell.  He had put his toque on the vent to dry...and it stank of horse and the smell was being blown into the whole room.  He said it was toasty warm dry....everything was good...and he went outside.

Super. That problem was fixed.

Then there are conversations that you are trying to have and someone walks in on it and joins the conversation and they don't actually know what you are talking about.

Sophie spent a lot of her holiday making things with her new clay.  She is still so incredibly creative....remember the Tylenol wrapper hat from many years ago?  She is still at it....always creating something.

So she made all this stuff and needed me to bake it in the oven so it would harden.  We were talking about Sophie's clay things and this little orange cat....

I said "The orange cat's tail turned black."

Just when Jack came in the room and he said "HOW?"

And I said, "I left it in the oven too long."

And his face sort of went white....

He thought we were talking about this cat...

hope it's okay I used your photo Julie!

But I was talking about this cat....

And I said "Yeah...and the tips of it's ears got burnt black too.  But Sophie painted them so they don't look so bad anyway."

And Jack just sort of sat there stunned.

And then Sophie said,"See"....and showed him her little cat.

And you could see the relief on Jack's face as he said...."I thought you were talking about the orange cat outside."

And then I was the one with the stunned look....because if I would put a cat in the oven.



  1. If you ever come up with a solution to removing the smellies from the vehicle, let me know. I'm too embarrassed to take anyone shopping.

    1. I think the only way is to get it professionally cleaned Karen! We have never given into that luxury....because seriously...the smellies come right back! I'm always apologizing to people that end up in my truck!


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