Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Crazy Hair, Double Yolkers, A Sleighride and a Snowday..

At the beginning of last week the girls told me that it was going to be 'twin day' at school on Friday.  They had picked their twin at school and were figuring out their wardrobes.

Then half way thru the week they told me that it was also 'crazy hair day' on Friday....along with 'twin day'. 

Then we went to curling and no one seemed to have heard that it was going to be crazy hair day...??

I didn't think much of it....we continued with the crazy hair and the twin combo.

Sophie really wanted to be a Pepsi head even though her twin wasn't going to do that.

So Friday morning I posted this on Facebook...

And all the other Mom's were commenting that they didn't know it was crazy hair day...wasn't it twin day??  They didn't get the memo about the hair....I didn't either.  I don't get memos until they clean out their desks in June!

We were in our own little world celebrating twin day and crazy hair day!

When I asked about the crazy hair when they got home on Friday they said that not many did that....but it didn't much matter.  Whatever.

One of the ladies in the henhouse is working overtime.  Have a look at this egg....

We were invited to a sleigh ride party on Sunday.  So. much. fun.

Horses + bon fire + kids + smores and hot dogs...

I love these people...they are so cool...

And another look at this egg...

She is firing one of these out practically everyday.  That's gotta hurt.  It's a double yolker and I can't shut the cartons so I have a bowl of double yolkers in the fridge.

This morning when I awoke, Terry told me that the buses were cancelled.  I thought he was joking....it hadn't even snowed.  But it was real.  There was snow coming and they cancelled.

Then about 7:30am we realized that only some were cancelled.  Our bus was coming in about 15 minutes.

Only the lunches weren't made.  and the hair wasn't brushed.  and the breakfast wasn't eaten.

and Jack was on a tractor.

And the bus went by.  And we let it go.

And we had a snowday even though it really hasn't snowed enough to write home about. 

And Jack actually went to school after he fed the cows because he didn't want to miss math and science...he has exams next week.

But the girls and I have been making clay charms and playing cards and watching some Steve Urkel and eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate.

And I'm roasting a meat bird.

But we really should be eating up some of those eggs.

That's all.


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