Thursday, 19 January 2017

Settling In....

I had no idea how much stuff....junk....a person could accumulate in 20 years.  Well...I guess it just wasn't me....there are 7 of us.

So much stuff.

I'm still trying to get settled in at this new place.  Lots of purging happening.  And that's a good thing.

Trying to make this house a home.....

The barn board shelves were one of the first things to get 'moved' from one farmhouse to the other.  We had to label all the boards before we unscrewed them off the wall.  And then we brought them over and screwed them onto these walls....

Ta da!  I think it's my favourite piece of furniture...actually it's not even's just a bunch of barn board that we had lying around outside!  We are hoping to extend that shelf in the middle so it can hold the tv....but for now the tv is on a little table....because we haven't had time!

These are canvas paintings that Sophie and Lydia have painted over the years.  At the other house I didn't have them all grouped together like this.  Aren't they cheerful?  I loved how when I nailed the nails into the wall I didn't hear all this stuff falling in behind the the house was all going to come down....the old house was lathe and plaster and I just held my breath every time I went to hang something!  This farmhouse has drywall....woot woot!

Yes...I have a deer head on my wall.  Not sure how that happened.  It's Jack's and I suggested that he hang it in his room but he insisted that it be put in the front room so that everyone will see it!

I'm debating whether to paint the frame on this 'Irish Blessing' black....I think it would be better black....

I get the most compliments on this bulletin board I have up in the kitchen....

I had it up in the other house but no one really seemed to notice it where it was.  It's a collection of new and old photos, little notes, little crafts...that are easily changed.  I love it...and I love that I can sit at the table and look at it!  It's just in a much better place now!

That's the trestle table and benches that Grady made last year in woodworking.  He had two woodworking classes in one semester and the teacher suggested that he take on a big project. 

We moved some cattle this week....

The truck arrived early in the morning when I was packing lunches....yes...I took that photo from the window.

The local outdoor rink is open!  I took the girls out on Sunday afternoon and they have skated everyday this week at school.  The boys have been out a few times playing hockey in the evening.

These girls LOVE to peck the snow off my boots when I go in to visit them in the morning and collect the eggs....


Sorry it's so dark!


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