Friday, 19 February 2016

Watching them Grow.

Being a mom is so beautiful.

And complicated.

There are some days when you want to turn back time.

Why do they need to grow up so fast?

But then you realize that watching them grow up is one of the most simplest....most beautiful things of life.

They do things that I could never do.

These little people grow and do amazing things. I'm so very blessed to be here watching it all happen.

Sophie competed on Saturday at the legion in the public speaking contest.  I was nearly sick sitting there watching very nerve wracking for me.  I wanted her to do well....and she did....third place!

Grady made a beautiful trestle table and bench set in his woodworking class last semester at school.  It was on display in the school for a couple of weeks before we got to bring it home and he was featured in the local paper.  I am so very proud of him.

Johanna was been accepted to her top choice for program and college this week!  We are still waiting to hear from the universities before she makes her final decision on where she will be next year.  She is going to take nursing.

Bless my heart.  I'm so very proud of them all.


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