Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Cold Family Day Weekend

When I was out at the mailbox on Friday afternoon I saw the wall of white coming.

It was a snow squall.  And it was bringing cold air.

Very cold air.

Hurts to breathe cold air.

Why do we live here cold air.

Where is Santa because I think I'm at the North Pole cold air.

The winds kicked up on Friday night and the temperature dropped to about minus fifty.

Our house was freezing.  The tractor wouldn't start that had the snow blower attached to it.  The drifts in the laneway were rock we just drove thru the field instead!  There really wasn't much snow in the field and it was packed hard.  We were good until the neighbours unexpectedly dropped by with some valentines treats....and they came in the lane.

"We've got a problem.  We're stuck in your laneway."

good and stuck.

We shovelled until they could finally drive....out into the field!

I made coconut macaroons for St. Valentine's Day....

By Sunday it was much more bearable....high of -25 maybe.

We went to my Aunt and Uncle's on Calabogie Lake for the Annual Family Day Gathering.

They cleaned off some ice and played hockey.

I took a visit to the ice shack.

The fish weren't biting....but it was just fun to sit and chat with these two....

They are fishin' buddies. 

When it's this cold the holes keep freezing over and you have to go out and break the ice every so often.

Aimy tried out the new ice auger.

Honestly....I spent most of the day in the house.


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