Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Saturday at the Fair

It poured rain on Saturday.

But the show went on.

The boys each have a steer for their 4-H project this year. 

They have been working with them all summer....washing, training and FEEDING them.

Jack's went into the steer show at this fair and Grady's will be at auction in about a month at another fair.

This was the steer show....

And then the 4-H Interclub Beef Competition was in the afternoon.

The evening sale was held in the barn this year because of the rain.

This is where all the top steers, lambs and pigs are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  These kids have worked hard all summer raising these animals and tonight is their night to shine.

These three gifted auctioneers make the whole thing into a great show....

I love this photo of Jack looking up at them...

We bought this pig!  Mmmmm....bacon!

The McHale's at Bromley Farm Supply in Douglas bought Jack's steer.

The large barn was filled to the back despite the cold and the rain.  I love our supportive, caring community.


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