Monday, 14 September 2015

Ewe are Beautiful

We were busy at the Renfrew Fair the last few days.

4-H Sheep Show was first up.

The kids came up with another brilliant tie up display this year.  Remember Sheep Dynasty?

Well...this year it was all pageants, tiaras and bling.


That was the theme.

Johanna worked really hard at it.  She sewed all the pink sashes and ironed on all the kids' names and the breed and names of their lambs.

Then she made these awards for each of the lambs....things like 'Miss Congeniality', 'Best Walk', 'Best Interview', 'Most Photogenic', 'Talent Award', 'Miss Evening Gown'......

She also made this.....

A sheep in a sparkly bikini!  How fun is that?  We actually left it at the fair for the entire weekend so everyone could enjoy it.

Even my Mom wanted in on the action!

Oh ya....and there was a sheep show.  The kids showed their sheep.  That's really what the day was about.

Jack was awarded top Junior Showman in the 4-H Interclub Show.


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