Thursday, 3 September 2015

More Cobden Fair

We headed back to the Cobden Fair on Sunday....for the beef show.

Bobo is much more competitive with beef than she is with sheep.

Look at her chatting up the judge....

She wants to win....especially when she's against this guy....

And she did win this round....

The kids had a great day....hanging out with cows and friends.

The girls enjoyed the rides and activities both days.

Hey....I think they are sitting in the same seat on the same Scrambler that I rode on when I was a teenager. 

Hey wait...I don't think I went on the Scrambler until I was a teenager. 

What are my babies doing on the Scrambler?

And since when are Bobo and Grady old enough to haul around cattle at the fair?

Fairs make me emotional.


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