Monday, 15 January 2018

Slime and Stuff.

So we had a 3 day weekend and this morning at 7:15am Sophie pulls out her homework.  She asked me if I could just read really wasn't homework.  Only it was homework.  And I had to read it now because she had to get to the bus.  Only I was making lunches and telling people to eat something.  And Lydia came downstairs with her French braids all ripped out that I had put in her hair last night and Terry told her that it looked like she had just stuck her finger in a socket.  It actually sort of did.

And they went to school.

I got my half and half slab cake decorated on Friday.

And we made slime.

I don't know what it is with the slime but everyone can't keep their fingers out of it...except Terry and I.  We just don't understand slime.  I guess we are too old.

I tried making swiss meringue buttercream icing yesterday.  What a total flop.  It said in the recipe that it might curdle and if it does to just keep whipping and it will fix itself.  Mine curdled and I kept whipping until I was tired of whipping and it still looked really gross.  But it tasted good so I just covered the cake in it.

It looked like cottage cheese on the cake.  Before Jack took a bite he said IS THERE CHEESE IN THIS?  He doesn't eat cheese...only on pizza....that's the only exception.  He really hates cheese.  He can even detect if you have used a knife for cheese.  That knife cannot be used for something else that would touch something that he would eat.  Never.

He ate the cake and the icing.  He even had a big piece for breakfast this morning.

We are back to cold weather.  We lost all of the snow on Friday and then it snowed enough to just cover the ground....but there is grass poking would be called a skift of snow.

It was quite windy on the weekend....too cold to go out for a walk.


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