Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I think Thursday is going to be a Thursday.

When I tuck the girls in at night I get into Lydia's bed with her and we say prayers and have a talk and say good night.

So last night as I'm getting into her bed she says to me....

I think Thursday is going to be a Thursday.

I was confused.  I looked at her and said....

Ya.  For sure.  And I'm hoping tomorrow will be a Wednesday.

And then we looked at each other and started to laugh.  And we LAUGHED so hard that we started to make funny noises....and then we started to laugh at the noises.  We were in complete stitches.

Meanwhile Sophie is up in the top bunk saying...

What's so funny?  What happened?

But Lydia and I couldn't speak.  We could only laugh.

Finally Lydia says....

I meant to say I think Thursday will be a SNOWDAY.

And I said...

Ya. Good luck with that.

She had a very good Christmas and she really isn't enjoying being back to school!

I've been eating bagged salads for a couple of months now.  They are so good.  There are all different kinds of mixes of them....sunflower, southwest spicy....  I usually find a couple of bags marked at 50% off because they are soon going to expire but there is nothing wrong with them.

There is a lot of cabbage in them.  I've eaten more cabbage in the last couple of months than I ever thought was possible.  I mentioned this to Terry before Christmas.  I said that the cabbage farmers must be really happy with all these new salads and the amount of cabbage I'm eating.  He said yes for sure and that they would probably send me a Christmas gift.

But they didn't.  It doesn't matter.  I'm still buying the salads.

This is one of my favourite photos...

I look at it and I remember that night.  It was an evening in May 2013.

Terry raced home from his construction job in Ottawa that evening because the rain was coming and we had to get the crop in.

That's Jack and Lydia filling the seed drill.  All hands were on deck that night.  It was so dusty and the ground was perfect for planting....and the rain was coming!  Terry was in a tractor and Johanna was on another tractor....Grady might have been in a tractor too.

Lydia was 3 years old....using a coffee cup that she had found in the truck to help fill the seed drill.

We were all completely covered in dust.

I love how we all worked together....we still do.


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