Thursday, 18 January 2018

A Family Sign and a Tuesday.

What a week!

I went to a Sip + Sign fundraiser on Monday night.  I came home with a beautiful family sign!

On Tuesday morning I did up the breakfast dishes and was thinking that I had a couple of hours before I had to take Grady into the city to get his wisdom teeth out.  I have this little voice in my head a lot.  It's either my Guardian Angel or God Himself.  I'm not sure.  But I was told to look at all those papers on top of the fridge....and at first I was going to walk away and go and clean the toilet....but the little voice told me to get a kitchen chair and look at all the papers up there.

So I gave in and I did.  And when I saw a paper at the back I started to panic.  It was a form that I had got in the mail during the Christmas holidays.  It was a notice that Jack needs a needle or he will be expelled from school.  I had completely forgotten about it.  I didn't write it on the calendar because it was December at the time and we didn't have the new calendar on the fridge for January yet.  I was trying to find the date on the form....JANUARY 16th....and then I looked at the was indeed January 16th...TODAY.  Jack was suppose to be at school.

Jack usually goes to a co-op for the another farm....but he had all his hours for the semester finished and because Grady was going to be away for most of the day getting his teeth was decided that Jack would stay home and do chores here.  He was outside somewhere feeding round bales...possibly over at the other farm.  I called and texted him but he wasn't answering.

I called the school and they said that the nurse was there giving needles....she would probably be there for another hour.

I started the car, cleaned off the snow....and then I saw the tractor.  I took off for the barnyard and Jack thought I was being extra nice opening a closing the gate for him....until he saw the look on my face.  He opened the tractor door and over the noise I screamed WE HAVE TO GO THE SCHOOL NOW YOU NEED TO GET A NEEDLE.  He was stunned.  A needle.  Right now?  You're kidding right?  Can I change my boots?

Yes.  but move it.  We have to go.

I take him to the school and I'm the only Mom in line with their kid.  And the nurse was wondering why...and why is he not in school....and he's in farm clothes??

It's all too complicated.  Just give him the needle.  I have to go to Ottawa.

I get Jack home and have time to just make a piece of toast with peanut butter.  I'm thinking it doesn't matter....I can eat while Grady's in surgery.

But they tell me that I have to stay in the building....I can't leave.

By the time that Grady is done it's late afternoon.  He's drugged and not impressed.

He gets released out the backdoor....because they always put you out the backdoor when it's the wisdom teeth....and as we drive away he's says that he needs something to eat.  He was serious.  He was so hungry.  He hadn't eaten or drank anything since he got up at 3:30am to go down to work at the milk barn.

I was so hungry too!  But I told him that really we couldn't go and get something to eat.

And he was less than impressed.


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