Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A Wooden Flag

We made a flag.  Out of wood.  A wooden Canadian flag.

It was a rainy first day of summer holidays and the girls were bored and the next day was Canada Day.  We were looking forward to big celebrations as it's Canada's 150th Birthday this year.

Everyone needed something to do.  It was very unusual for Terry to be in sitting on the couch at the end of June.  But it was raining and the hay couldn't be done.

It rained again today even though it wasn't suppose to rain today.  It seems to rain nearly everyday.  We are still waiting on hay weather.

Anyways....back to this flag.  It's quite amazing.

I asked to Terry if we had any wood.  And I told him what I wanted to do.  And he went outside and instantly made this huge wooden flag in the exact size that I wanted.

I was shocked.

He came back in and said that it was in the garage...all ready to be painted.

We had an actual real flag this exact size so I took a bunch of pieces of paper and taped them all together and lay the flag out on the floor and traced the maple leaf.  Then I cut it out and traced it onto the wood.

And the girls and I painted it.

The next morning...being Canada Day....Terry and the boys put it up on the barn at the farmhouse.

And the sun shone for most of the day...just a brief shower before the fireworks.

It was a day of celebrating and fun.


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